“Whores in Ithaca?” (Hello Blogosphere)

A little inspiration from Lego Albert Einstein couldn't hurt...

I’ve been lectured, advised, cajoled, suggested to, and trained. Now, my moment of truth as a freelance business writer has come. My brand-new blog needs blog posts. Hopefully, this is one of the few times I’ll ever use such poor grammar: I are a blogger!

Why did a writer who named her company By All Writes decide to call her blog Moonlight Blog? Three simple words, really – and these words are actually the name of a poet I greatly admire. If I tell you the poet’s name was (oh yes, he’s been dearly departed for some time now) James Douglas Morrison, you might not blink, or care. If I proclaim this poet’s name as Jim Morrison (of The Doors), I might have your attention now. Either way, a fine poet he was, despite his infamous doings while he lived. And so, inspired by the song “Moonlight Drive” from the Strange Days album, I have a Moonlight Blog. It could have been Light My Blog or Riders on the Blog, but I didn’t want to be too cheekily disrespectful…

By now you’re pondering, “Lori, I’m not completely put off by your perception of Jim Morrison as a fine poet, but what’s in this blog for me, and why should I bookmark or subscribe to it?” Good question. I do have an answer!

My intent is to inform, inspire, educate and entertain you by any means necessary (thank you, Malcolm X). I will do so through articles/posts covering areas in which I consider myself a subject matter expert. These categories include: Book Bites, Business Bits, Grammatical Gaffes, Networking Notes, Poetic Pause, Social Media Madness and Writing Wisdom. I have one more category labelled “Just Because…” for those posts that are square pegs refusing to be pommeled into round holes. Can you tell by now that writing is my particular passion?!?

I’m very hopeful you’ll interact with me on here and offer helpful insight or suggestions of your own. If there are any immediate topics you’d like me to tackle (as yet one more freelance writer throwing her pebble into the online lake of information), please let me know.

And for those of you puzzled by the title of my inaugural blog post, my question back to you is: from what movie (which quickly resulted in a book being published) is this snappy little scrap of dialogue taken? I look forward to your guess or certain reply. Thanks for stopping by, gentle reader!

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