Dead Rock Stars on Twitter – Tweets From Beyond the Grave

Truer words never growled on stage, Mr. Mojo Risin. #deadrockstars

So here we are, the day before Halloween. Rather than write about the latest social media piece of eye candy, I’m blogging today as a music lover and spiritual medium.

I mean no disrespect at all to these rock ‘n’ roll superstars who died unfortunate deaths. I thought I would attempt a treat and posit what these folks might post on Twitter, if only they could.

Naturally, I’ve selected famous singers and musicians for whom I have an affinity. Perhaps you also admire some of them. Categorize this one under “Just for Fun…”

Buddy Holly (aka @CharlesHHLubbTX – yes, I slightly botched this tweet):

Jimi Hendrix (aka @JimiPurpleHz):

Janis Joplin (aka @JJPortArthurTX):

Jim Morrison (aka @Nietzscheluvr128):

Keith Moon (aka @Whourdrumr):

John Lennon (aka @JWinstonNYC):

Freddie Mercury (aka @OperaManFM):

Joey Ramone (aka @HeyHoJoey1):


Was this as much fun for you to read as it was for me to create? What other dead rock stars would be of interest to you for “Tweets From Beyond the Grave” Halloween, 2013? Don’t eat too much of that leftover candy tomorrow night, and “Stay on the road. Keep clear ‘o the moor…”

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