South Jersey Spotlight on Jack Zoblin of Cory Communications

If your company's telecommunications system looks like this, contact Cory Communications for some 21st century help!
If your company’s telecommunications system looks like this, contact Cory Communications for some 21st century help!

When I’m out and about on South Jersey’s business networking circuit for the evening, it’s always nice to be surrounded by kindred spirits. These are the people who go one step further by expressing genuine, heartfelt concern for me (or taking care of my one-glass-of-wine limit for the night).

Such a person is Jack Zoblin of Cory Communications, whom I originally met through the Jewish Business Network of Southern New Jersey. To thank Jack for his many kindnesses these past few years, I’m turning this month’s South Jersey Spotlight on him and his company. This blog post pairs well with either a semi-sweet Riesling or a crisp Chardonnay…


By All Writes: Why did you decide to start Cory Communications Inc.? When did you first found/start it?

Jack Zoblin: After a successful sales career at Qwest Communications, I started a new job with another communications company on September 11, 2001, in Washington, D.C. Two weeks later, that company lost their financing; one week after that, I was out of a job. Our country was in a tizzy (!), and my particular sector (telecommunications) had suffered embarrassing publicity from events like the MCI/Worldcom fiasco. So, I decided it was time to venture out on my own.

BAW: What services and/or products do you offer your current and potential clients?

JZ: We are a cloud-focused telecommunications sales agency. We enjoy working with business clients who want to leverage technology so their organizations will run better, faster, and smarter.

BAW: Who makes a good client for you?

JZ: We attract businesses that rely on high-speed internet, telephone services and systems, network connectivity, and cloud-based services for everyday success with their customers. We also offer our clients disaster recovery and business continuity services. Additionally, we can configure both audio and web conferencing for those clients in need of virtual/remote communications capabilities.

BAW: What is your ultimate “happy moment” when working with your clients?

JZ: My happiest moments are when prepared plans are implemented flawlessly and clients acknowledge our commitment to them.

BAW: If you could relocate your telecommunications firm to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

JZ: I wouldn’t hesitate to move our office to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Conveniently, I happen to have a friend who lives there. Maui is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, and the weather is always nice.

BAW: What is your favorite book (or who is your favorite author to read) and why? Please share generously!

JZ: While much of my reading focuses on keeping current within my field, I am a sucker for a good self-help book. My most recent book within this genre was Good to Great by Jim Collins. For pleasure reading, I have consumed almost every Sidney Sheldon novel.


Are you tired of being treated as a “paying inconvenience” by one of those larger telecommunications carriers? Perhaps it’s time for your company to try Cory Communications and experience firsthand what reliable customer service really feels like, from consultation to installation!

To learn how Cory Communications can improve your business’s telecommunications efficiency, please visit them online. To reach out to Jack Zoblin directly, call him at 856-795-2223, or email him at If you’re hoping that Jack will treat you to a glass of wine, you’ll have to catch him live at a future South Jersey networking event…

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