South Jersey Spotlight on Cupcakes by Ruth!

Ruth Scott, in all her Cupcakes by Ruth! glory. These ARE the cupcakes you're looking for...
Ruth Scott, in all her Cupcakes by Ruth! glory. These ARE the cupcakes you’re looking for…

I’ve known Ruth Scott for years now through a previous nonprofit commitment. But I didn’t realize she’d become a rising cupcake entrepreneur until earlier this year.

Cupcakes by Ruth! has become the go-to cupcake supplier for local events sponsored by Blue Moon Premium Olive Oil and Vinegar, Aenigma Jewelry (both in Collingswood), Girlfriendz Magazine, and more. Get ready to salivate while reading this interview – then place an order for some custom cupcakes!

By All Writes: Why did you decide to start Cupcakes by Ruth!? When did you found/start it?

Ruth Scott: I had been playing with the idea of a cupcake adventure for a couple of years. I have always been the “cupcake mom” for my daughter’s class at school, and I decided to take the leap last August (2012). I entered a “Favorite Food” competition at Jewelbilee in Moorestown and won!

I actually beat Indulgence Cupcakery of Haddonfield (they appeared on Cupcake Wars, but did not win). That was the incentive I needed to move forward with my business venture. My Margarita Mamma Cupcake stole the show…

BAW: What types of cupcakes do your offer your current and potential customers?

RS: I offer a WIDE, tempting variety of cupcakes! Tie-dye, gluten-free for kids or Bourbon Bacon Beauties for the more adventurous adults – and everything in between. The most popular flavors I bake are Classic Vanilla and Classic Chocolate. Fancy is fun, but sometimes, plain is perfect.

BAW: Who makes a good customer for you?

RS: Anyone who enjoys a REALLY good cupcake. I have customers who give cupcakes to clients and bring cupcakes to graduation, birthday, or holiday celebrations. I also have customers who desire unique treats for a Girls’ Night Out. If you have a special occasion coming up or you want to be remembered by a client, cupcakes are perfect for leaving a sweet impression.

BAW: What is your ultimate “happy moment” when working with your customers?

RS: I love the first time a customer bites into a Beet Up Chocolate Cupcake – roasted beets and dark chocolate – and then has the biggest smile on their face. Or perhaps someone eats a Bourbon Bacon Beauty and is tickled by how delicious it is. I also love when new customers call me to say they heard of me through a friend, and they just have to try my cupcakes.

My business is growing like crazy, all through word-of-mouth viral marketing (and more than a few tantalizing, sexy cupcake photos on Facebook)!

BAW: If you could relocate your cupcake/baked goods business to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

RS: Actually, I adore the client base I have in South Jersey! That said, if I opened a cupcake shop in Louisville, Kentucky, I could then travel “home” for business and share the cupcake love with the people I cherish most dearly.

BAW: What is your favorite book (or who is your favorite author) to read and why? Please share generously!

RS: One of my FAVORITE books is Like Water for Chocolate (by Laura Esquivel)!!! I love how you can almost taste Tita’s recipes and how her emotions flowed into the foods she cooked for her family. I believe this transfer of emotions through cooking does happen. I have never been happier with a “job” than I am now, baking cupcakes. I say that my secret ingredient is love, and it’s true. I love what I do, and I think you can taste it in my cupcakes.


Whether your next celebration is for a grad, your dad, or some other special person, nothing says “I love you” like a custom order from Cupcakes by Ruth! To experience the cupcake love virtually (for now), visit Ruth’s scrumptious site or sample her Facebook group. You can also call Ruth at 856-745-4322 to discuss your pending cupcake needs. For online cupcake inquiries, please send an email to

Yes, I will be accepting your thank-you for this particular post in the form of a cupcake (Luscious Lemon with raspberry buttercream frosting, please)…

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