South Jersey Spotlight on Ira Weissman of Idea Innovations, LLC

If your non-profit or business organization doesn't know which way to turn, reach out to Ira Weissman of Idea Innovations!
If your non-profit or business organization doesn’t know which way to turn, reach out to Ira Weissman of Idea Innovations!

I met Ira Weissman of Idea Innovations in 2012 at a local South Jersey networking event. I was immediately impressed by his calm demeanor and ability to dissect faulty business processes and beliefs. It turns out that Ira is a former educator and engineer. No wonder he can identify a business’s operational problems so astutely!

And I didn’t realize then that I was conversing with one of the hosts of The Networking Exchange’s online talk radio program. If you’ve never given Ira’s show a listen, the link will follow at the end of his interview…

By All Writes: Why did you decide to start Idea Innovations? When did you found/start it?

Ira Weissman: After leaving my last position (in the educational sector), I found I wasn’t happy with the opportunities resulting from my job search. I wanted to try a new direction. Recognizing that most small to mid-sized businesses don’t know about Lean Six Sigma, I felt that this was a niche market with tremendous potential.

I was also very familiar with the non-profit arena and knew such organizations were facing challenges, especially issues related to developing measures with which to document their efforts. I was confident this was another niche market where I could make a difference.

BAW: What Operational Excellence / Lean Six Sigma consulting services do you offer your current and potential clients?

IW: In the business and government arenas, I help organizations look at the “nuts and bolts” of their operational processes. The ultimate goal is to help them identify and eliminate those activities eating up time, money, and resources that don’t provide value to their customers.

In the non-profit arena, I help my clients to ensure their vision, mission, and activities are in place and aligned. This includes strategic planning, board governance, volunteer management, donor relations, and event planning.

I also assist my non-profit clients by putting measures into place that demonstrate to their funding sources they are accomplishing goals that make the world a better place.

BAW: Who makes a good client for you?

IW: The ideal client for me is an organization looking to improve processes and take the next step in building a successful organization. A variation of this are client organizations that know they’re in trouble and recognize they need help to resolve the issues holding them back from success.

BAW: What is your ultimate “happy moment” when working with your clients?

IW: It’s personally satisfying when an organization or group that I’m working with starts to understand and apply the processes I’m teaching them. I can tell that a client is having a breakthrough moment when they “get the bug” to take on all the issues that have caused their growth/progress to plateau.

BAW: If you could relocate your consulting firm to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

IW: As much as I’m tempted by your hypothetical question, I would probably stay in the southern New Jersey/Philadelphia region. I truly believe this is a growing area currently under-served regarding the consulting services I offer.

BAW: What is your favorite book (or who is your favorite author) to read and why? Please share generously!

IW: On the business side, I like any of the Jim Collins Good to Great books because they provide some keen insights into organizational behaviors. For enjoyment, I read a variety of science fiction authors. Some of my favorites include Christopher Stasheff, John Ringo, and David Weber.


Does your business or non-profit have the (dys)functional, (dys)organized, operational blues? Looking to shake things up with a fresh perspective and a professional (but gentle) kick in the derriere? Ira Weissman of Idea Innovations would be happy to speak with you about your organization’s process problems. Call him directly at either 856-354-0173 or 856-220-6918. You can also reach out to Ira via email:

To “hear” Ira in action, tune in to his Non-Profit Chat radio show on WTER Talk Exchange Radio every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

4 Responses to South Jersey Spotlight on Ira Weissman of Idea Innovations, LLC

  1. I also met Ira at a networking event, and quickly discovered we were both hosts on the same radio station. Who knew! Ira is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Great blog post!

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for the compliment, I’ll be sure to pass it along to Ira. Perhaps the WTER Blog Talk Radio hosts should consider planning/staging an online fundraising telethon for a South Jersey non-profit. Just a quick, spontaneous, “hump day” thought…


  2. I’m struck with how much Ira gives to those around him, even when there’s no evidence of return. He follows the spirit of Adam Grant expressed in “Give and Take”. I’m glad he’s committed to staying in the Philly/South Jersey area.

    • Hi Ron,

      Yes, Ira is a generous gentleman, and the South Jersey business community is lucky to have him as a participant. I do apologize for the delayed reply – the end of August segued into a family road trip for me, which then somehow morphed into the Jewish New Year (aka Rosh Hashanah). Thanks for stopping by the Moonlight Blog!