South Jersey Spotlight on Kathy Dickson, Vital Body Wellness

If your breakfast typically looks like this, it's time to seek nutritional help from Kathy Dickson of Vital Body Wellness...
If your breakfast typically looks like this, it’s time to seek nutritional help from Kathy Dickson of Vital Body Wellness…

It’s always a pleasure when I’m out and about on the South Jersey and Philadelphia business-networking circuit to encounter a kindred spirit.

I knew when I met Kathy Dickson of Vital Body Wellness in May 2013 (at a networking event sponsored by Talk Exchange Radio/WTER) that we shared similar views regarding the benefits of good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

As we slog through the tail end of winter (and hope to come out whole on the other side), we all could use a pep talk about improving our food choices this spring into summer…

By All Writes: Why did you decide to start Vital Body Wellness? When did you found/start it?

Kathy Dickson: It’s been a journey of sorts. I’m an artist at heart, but found myself a single mom at age 20 with no marketable skills. So I went to college to study Industrial Engineering (really?). Hey, it was the 80s; women in technical fields were in demand, and baby needed a new pair of shoes (not to mention a roof over our heads)!

I pursued a well-paying career that led to numerous health issues as a result of doing work I didn’t love. Pain is a big motivator for me, so I sought out natural solutions: exercise, massage, herbs, nutrition, and mind-body modalities. As my symptoms fell away, I became more resilient and vibrant. I shared everything I learned with whomever would listen.

Fast forward 25+ years: I found myself in a development and leadership role for a corporate wellness program that was dramatically changing employees’ lives. This incredibly rewarding, meaningful work changed the trajectory of my life. I became certified in Thai massage, then went to school for holistic nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach. I started Vital Body Wellness – Holistic Health and Nutrition two years ago. God, I love my work!

BAW: What holistic health and nutrition consulting services do you offer your current and potential clients?

KD: People hire me to help them radically improve their health and happiness. I accomplish this through guidance, education, and support so my clients can make food and lifestyle changes that serve them best. When it comes to health and wellness, you’ve really got to look at what’s going on in the big picture of your life. Together we discover the tools needed for a lifetime of wellness. My program changes lives!

I work with individuals and groups at my office in Vineland and remote locations; I also Skype with long-distance clients. Additionally, I present interactive, fun workshops on a variety of informative topics: “Holistic Health and Wellness”; “Full-Body Inflammation (and How to Tame It)”; Super Smoothies”; Everyday Energy-Boosters” (this last workshop is new for 2014).

BAW: Who makes a good client for you?

KD: People wanting to make positive changes regarding their current health/wellness status would benefit from working with me. Some potential clients may lack energy or suffer from stress/anxiety. Some are possibly overweight and/or at risk of disease. In other words, these dear souls are “out of balance.” They want to eat better but don’t really know where to start.

My clients strive to be less anxious, less depressed, and less reliant upon medication. They want to feel vibrant, resilient, and passionate about life again.

BAW: What is your ultimate “happy moment” when working with your clients?

KD: Those joyful moments happen when clients come to a session GLOWING and tell me how great they feel and that they now love themselves…it just doesn’t get any better than that!

BAW: If you could relocate your holistic health and nutrition business to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

KD: To quote Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, “there’s no place like home.” That said, I suppose living and working in an energy-rich place with beautiful geography and a moderate climate (like, oh I don’t know, Sedona, Arizona) would be amazing. After the winter we’ve endured, a tropical paradise could also be quite nice…

BAW: What are your favorite books (or who are your favorite authors) to read and why?

KD: Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spirital Laws of Success is a life-altering, perspective-shifting book on attaining success (i.e., happiness) in life. It’s seriously simple and profound. The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle) provided the concepts and tools that freed me from living inside my head (the past and regrets, the future and anxiety) so I can embrace life and allow joy in the present moment. This was a big “aha!” milestone for me.

Dr. Andrew Weil is a favorite author of mine – Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Spontaneous Happiness, and Healthy Aging all offer suggestions that are easy to understand and implement. Your health has EVERYTHING to do with your success in life!


Has our particularly cruel winter chewed you up and spit you out both physically and mentally? Are you desperate to rejuvenate both body and soul with a custom nutrition plan you can stick to and even enjoy? If your head is bobbing up and down in agreement, take the initial step to better health by connecting with Kathy Dickson!

There are many ways to contact Kathy: by phone (609-420-4442) or by email ( are your first steps. To reach out to Kathy online, you can visit her website, follow her Pinterest pinboard, or tweet with her on Twitter. Another way to connect with Kathy Dickson of Vital Body Wellness is by liking her Facebook page.

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  1. I have been seeking Kathy’s advice now for a couple of months and had a few sessions she truly is compassionate in what she does and is very knowledgable . I look forward to our sessions and her spiritual wisdom. I would recommend anyone looking for a life change in their health and their nutrition to seek her out.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for stopping by! It sounds like you’re in good hands with Kathy–I hope you achieve the health/lifestyle changes that you seek.

      If you’re willing to do so, please share Kathy’s guest blog post via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Have a great weekend!


  2. Anyone can benefit from a chat with Kathy. She is not radical or forceful but leaves you with just enough knowledge and wisdom to make it motivating and fun. Some things are hard to accomplish on your on but with Kathy by your side anything is possible.

    • Hello Sandy,

      It sounds like you’ve been working hard (with Kathy’s help) to make important food/nutrition changes. Good for you!

      If you don’t mind, please consider sharing Kathy’s guest blog post via the social-media platform(s) of your choice. Thank you–enjoy your weekend!