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A Blogger’s Ode to Author Pat Conroy, 1945-2016

Barbra Streisand transformed The Prince of Tides into big-screen schmaltz, but the book’s author, Pat Conroy, remains my Lowcountry touchstone. A fervent fan of Tom Wingo and his well-written family, I didn’t know one of my favorite authors was battling pancreatic cancer until March 4, the day he died. Mr. Conroy wrote other novels just… Continue Reading

Would You Like Some Cinematic Snark with Your Business-Networking?

If you’re a movie fan, there are certain films you watch over and over again. And why is that? It’s probably because you anticipate the hallowed pieces of dialogue you love so dearly. The fact that you’ve memorized memorable lines from particular movies tells me you appreciate good writing! I’m not advocating rude, insolent behavior… Continue Reading

Bodacious Business Horoscopes: Audacious Aries!

The “Bodacious Business Horoscopes” blog series enters its third-to-last orbit via the zodiac’s most rambunctious leader: Aries the Ram. This impressive competitor goes 12 rounds daily in his or her portable boxing ring from March 20/21 until April 19. In need of a true believer who doesn’t peddle in political correctness and will enthusiastically defend… Continue Reading

Happy 4th Birthday, By All Writes Moonlight Blog!

It’s that time again in the By All Writes LLC editorial calendar–let’s get this 4th (virtual) birthday party started. During this past year’s blogging ritual, I met with much success. I also struck out with a few topics only a blogger could love. But overall, I take great pride in my blog’s progression from toddler… Continue Reading

Forget Gratitude–Start a Business Attitude Journal

Gratitude “candy” is dandy, but bitter is quicker, which is why you should start a business attitude journal. Ever since Oprah’s entrance into the gratitude arena, business-centric websites have continued to club me over the head by suggesting I start a gratitude journal. I’m all for expressing thankfulness about people and experiences when it’s warranted.… Continue Reading

International Swear Words to Love and Use: Greek Style!

Greetings from the Acropolis, as we delve once more into the enchanting world of profanity. You may not remember my most recent attempt to cajole you into a potty-mouth habit. The last time I sang my profane siren song, I did it ever so genteelly by contemplating “What Would Jane (Austen) Do?” Before you begin… Continue Reading

Bodacious Business Horoscopes: Perceptive Pisces!

This month’s “Bodacious Business Horoscopes” entry highlights the most emotionally vacillating sun sign ever to swim against the tide: Pisces the (two) Fishes. These aquatic marathoners of the zodiac system ebb and flow from February 19 to March 20. When you need a sensitive soul to coax others toward their professional aspirations, count on Pisces… Continue Reading

How to Add “Je Ne Sais Quoi” to Your Marketing Content (A-E)

Do me a favor: Locate your physical dictionary and slowly flip through its pages. After disturbing the (protective?) coating of dust, you’ll notice that words of Anglo-Saxon origin aren’t the only ones occupying the papered real estate. Sprinkled between entries hailing from the United Kingdom are linguistic offerings of foreign flair. Because I’m a lexicon… Continue Reading

South Jersey Spotlight: Rebecca Chalson, Full Circle Networking

I have Rebecca Chalson of Full Circle Networking to thank for teaching me that Periscope is more than a submerged submarine’s watchful eye. My education regarding live-streaming on social media took place during one of Linda Lane’s fabulous Old Girls’ Network luncheons last summer (at Seasons 52 in Cherry Hill). I subsequently attended Rebecca’s October… Continue Reading

Take These Career-Altering LinkedIn Profile Headlines, Please…

To improve my LinkedIn mentality, I ingested as many of Liam Austin’s 12/2015 LinkedIn Success Summit webcasts as humanly possible. I’m not one to binge-watch TV shows. But due to the (figurative) tightening noose of my son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah, I “binge-attended” those LinkedIn Success Summit webcasts until the free access was no more. In… Continue Reading