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There’s No Crying in After-Hours Business Networking!

If it takes borrowing liberally from a famous Tom Hanks line in the movie A League of Their Own to lure you in, then I’m guilty as quoted. At least I’m not referencing the “good advice” Jimmy Dugan wrote on some kid’s baseball (scroll way down, y’all) during another memorable scene… On the surface, networking… Continue Reading

In Defense of (and Business Lessons Learned From) Scarlett O’Hara

In the annals of classic literature, there are many famous females who possibly would do well in the world of business. Certain Jane Austen protagonists, such as Elizabeth Bennet and Emma Woodhouse, come to mind. However, there is one fictional fraulein who would have made an outstanding Fortune 500 CEO; she was written by her… Continue Reading

Leave The Gun, Take The…

Go ahead and accuse me of a “bait and switch” regarding this blog post’s headline – guilty as written. It would be tres facile pour moi to interpret select quotes from the beloved Godfather I and Godfather II movies and impart essential tidbits of Sicilian shrewdness to you. In fact, it would be too easy,… Continue Reading