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Cool B2B Social Media Networks You’ve Never Heard Of…

By now, most business owners and professionals either use or have sampled the usual suspects of social media engagement: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. While the breadth of options is breathtaking, the depth necessary to help you make the right connections on the right platform may remain a challenge. But there’s a whole… Continue Reading

The Perfect Business Networking Follow-Up Plan

Last night, you went to your local of-the-moment watering hole and met some new people at a business networking event. You had some lively, interest-sustaining conversations. You even encountered a true kindred spirit who lit up all your entrepreneurial core principles like an old-school pinball machine. This morning, that special new friend’s business card is… Continue Reading

South Jersey Spotlight on The Networking Exchange

I’m determined to break out from my blog’s all-female guest post bias. It ends this month with Keith Reynolds of The Networking Exchange (TNE). I’ve never seen anyone run a business networking group with as much heart and determination as Keith does. If you’re a southern New Jersey or Philadelphia business owner, you should meet… Continue Reading

Panera Bread Versus Starbucks: a Coffee Meeting Analysis

You’re a methodical business networker. You follow up with new friends, inviting them to imbibe in a coffee and discuss your respective perspectives. And so, the question is batted back and forth like a badminton shuttlecock – where to meet? Two particular venues are suggested time and again for coffee meetings: Panera Bread (PB) and… Continue Reading

There’s No Crying in After-Hours Business Networking!

If it takes borrowing liberally from a famous Tom Hanks line in the movie A League of Their Own to lure you in, then I’m guilty as quoted. At least I’m not referencing the “good advice” Jimmy Dugan wrote on some kid’s baseball (scroll way down, y’all) during another memorable scene… On the surface, networking… Continue Reading