Welcome to By All Writes, land of the free(dom to express yourself professionally), home of the brave(st business writing, editing and research service this side of the Mississippi River and Philadelphia, PA). It is neither facetious nor improper to state that I utilize both hemispheres of my brain when taking on a copywriting or research project.

Why use By All Writes for your copywriting, editing/proofreading or research needs? Well, I revel in removing the pain of writing your own marketing and promotional materials, both print and web. I also relish saving you valuable work time better spent on meeting prospective customers or clients and growing your business.

Listening is just as critical a skill as writing when formulating either a communications strategy or a research methodology. This writer strives to listen, and listen well, during all conversations regarding your copywriting or research needs. As essential as your business objectives and aspirations are, I truly understand (and value!) the importance of building a relationship with you — because words really do matter.

As a thoughtful, versatile writer, I craft literate missives that deliver a clear message and motivate your target audience to take action. As a concise, thorough researcher, I provide insight, analysis, and reports that will add value to your company’s profitability. If you can think it, I can write it! Please call me at 856-810-9764 or email me at lori@byallwrites.biz for an initial discussion regarding your writing, editing, or research needs. More humor follows within these pages, gentle reader…