Assessment & Consultation

Let’s say that your resume is sorely outdated and you want to drag it into the 21st century, but you can’t afford to spend a lot of money doing so. What if you could spend less but still benefit from a well-trained eye regarding resume format and content, action verbs, keywords (because we all know a human being isn’t the first encounter your document will have these days), and so on?

By All Writes can provide you with a comprehensive assessment report that identifies all resume areas in need of improvement and specific recommendations for doing exactly that. I also offer a similar service if you’re looking to spruce up existing website copy on a low budget.

Do you aspire to start your own freelance business but you’re not sure how to get going? I’m happy to speak (or Skype) with you about my journey as a solopreneur writer. I’ll share all the valuable (and sometimes painful) lessons I learned when By All Writes sprang from my forehead á la Athena from great Zeus’s Olympian cranium. Yes, I am hoping here that you’ve delved into basic Greek mythology at some point in your reading life. Please don’t let me down like the melted wax in Icarus’s wings – here’s some help: