Grab Bag

I must first thank my online Obi-Wan, Howard Yermish of, for suggesting a much more creative name for this “miscellaneous” page!

Although business writing is my primary passion, I have other related talents to offer you professionally. If you need assistance regarding marketing direction for a product or service, By All Writes is available for a brainstorming session. Are you new to the fast-paced arena of social media and social networking? I’ve been curating my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts for some time now, and I’m willing to share my active user knowledge.

Do you seek poetically creative inspiration for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or graduation? I’ve been known to pen some memorable poetry and haiku online, and I can do the same for you offline.

Are you a professional in need of assistance with an important business presentation? By All Writes can provide either written or verbal assistance before the scheduled event to reduce your innermost, anxiety-provoking concerns.

I do bestow grammatical guidance upon and can be a syntax sherpa for high school and college students writing essays and papers. The actual writing I leave to the student; to do otherwise is called plagiarism, which is a very bad idea indeed.