Writing Process

So you’ve decided to outsource your copywriting or editing needs to a professional writer. From my perspective, that’s a wise decision! I think it’s fair you know what to expect regarding the By All Writes process. In anticipation of your questions, I’m prepared to offer helpful answers…

Q: What is the best way to contact By All Writes regarding a copywriting, editing, proofreading or other related project?
A: Either send me an email (lori@byallwrites.biz) 24/7 or call anytime (856-810-9764) Monday – Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (EST) for an initial discussion at no cost to you. Please do inquire about my hourly rate or request an estimated project quote range.

Q: I’m ready right now to hire By All Writes; what happens next?
A: With your approval, I’ll develop a retainer invoice specifying all the logistics for your particular project. Simultaneously, we’ll set a day and time for our project kickoff meeting. If you’re located beyond the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, we can “meet” by phone conversation or even Skype. For all new clients and large-scale projects, a 50% retainer (deposit) payment is necessary to activate your project. By All Writes also requires a signed agreement (i.e., the retainer invoice) for all active projects over $100.

Q: Please enlighten me – what happens during the project kickoff meeting?
A: Hey, thanks for asking! For about one to two hours (but we can go longer if necessary), I’ll ask targeted questions meant to pull insight and information from the inside of your brain so I can create a draft version of your brand new or edited copy. My questions typically cover:

  • Flow of content
  • Keywords (for web manuscripts)
  • Level of language
  • Target audience(s)
  • Tone / personality / attitude
  • Use of humor (or not!)
  • Words and phrases to avoid
  • Word count (if required)

Q: Um, what about a schedule or deliverable target date or some type of deadline for the first draft?
A: Oh yes, I can most certainly offer you that…

Q: Okay, when do you stop filling my head with visions of verbiage to start writing, and what can I expect during the process?
A: Once our kickoff meeting is complete (and I have your initial payment and a signed agreement), I create the shell for your draft document and begin coaxing words and sentences onto the pages. By All Writes submits draft manuscripts to clients via emailed MS Word files. You will have two opportunities to review and provide feedback/changes for your draft manuscript (Version 1, Version 2), with Version 3 being the final/approved version of your copy.

If you feel compelled to extend your edits and changes beyond Version 3, I’ll roll with that, but incremental fees will apply to your project cost for each additional revision cycle. Once you approve the final version of your manuscript, I release it to you and then send the final invoice for payment. When By All Writes is paid in full for services rendered, the new or edited copy becomes your intellectual property. If you don’t pay the final invoice within net 30 days, prepare yourself for a series of friendly but persistent phone calls and emails before I take legal action (deep sigh).

Q: Are you always so serious about your writing process?
A: Yes, but I do have a sense of humor; you’ll know it when you hear (or read) it. My professional career began at a little company called General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, so it’s hard for me to completely shed that former corporate skin. At that point in my life, my wardrobe consisted of many suits (no pantsuits!) in three colors: navy, grey and black. I like to think that I’ve pushed myself further into the color spectrum since then…