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A Simile Is Like a Metaphor, Only…

When it comes to experimentation with literary devices, I’m all for it. Business writing, personal or creative writing, I don’t care – it’s okay to want your copy to “sing the body electric.” In a previous post, I encouraged you to play with your words by using alliteration in your marketing copy. The key to… Continue Reading

Stop Whining and Tackle Your Writer’s Block!

  Don’t hate me, but it’s rare that I can’t generate words when enveloped in my writing hidey-hole. For occasional lapses, here are several techniques to help you get past the Venus flytrap-like grip of writer’s block. Some methods are my own, and some are suggested by others. All of these ideas are non-threatening ways… Continue Reading

Its Time to Improve You’re Grammar – Their, There, and They’re

    This week, the By All Writes blog is back to grammar tips with a seriously trippy homophone, as suggested by Tobi Schwartz-Cassell of Girlfriendz Magazine. Snappy humor, clever examples in the form of sentences, and links to helpful (and sometimes eclectic) sites all follow. By the end of this grammar-centric blog post, you… Continue Reading

Alliteration Always Adds Ardor (to Your Writing)

Just because most of my clients are small business owners doesn’t mean I don’t have any fun when writing website content, brochure copy, newsletter articles, etc. One sneaky way I work some creativity into even the most buttoned-up copy is by using that old standby, alliteration. If you don’t remember from your school days, alliteration… Continue Reading