Dead Presidents on Twitter (Presidents’ Day Tweets)

I mean no disrespect, but doesn't Andrew Johnson look like he's slightly constipated? Don't get me started on shifty-eyed James Polk...
I mean no disrespect, but doesn’t Andrew Johnson look like he’s slightly constipated?

Some of you were so dazzled by my Halloween 2012 social media tribute to dead rock stars that I knew my tongue-in-cheek work wasn’t yet complete. So, just in time for Presidents’ Day, I’m once again using my powers of creative license to channel amusing presidential tweets.

To avoid controversy, I deliberately avoided those U.S. presidents assassinated while in office. It wouldn’t be prudent. For one night only (and a week of online promotion), may I present: Dead Presidents on Twitter…

John Adams (aka @Lawyer1stMass2):


Andrew Jackson (aka @TuffTNnut7):


Franklin Pierce (aka @Obscureprez14NH):


Teddy Roosevelt (aka @NYRuffRider26):


Warren G. Harding (aka @OHnewsman29):


Dwight D. Eisenhower (aka @TX5StarGen34):


Richard M. Nixon (aka @TrickyDickCA37):


Ronald Reagan (aka @ActorPrezIL40):


Now that I’ve honored dead rock stars and dead presidents social media style, what other groups of famous people would you like me to take on next? If you’ve got suggestions, I’ve got some future blog posts. As Pat Benatar would say, “Hit me with your best shot; fire away…”

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